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Chuckit! Glow Dog Ball

$8.00 USD

  • Glow in the dark charges quickly under any bright light
  • Bright, long-lasting glow – 5 minutes generates 20 to 30 minutes of play
  • Made of high quality materials and proprietary glow pigment
  • Chuckit! Launcher Compatibale: Use in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room
  • Allows the game to keep going when the sun goes down

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31 reviews for Chuckit! Glow Dog Ball

  1. L.Walsh

    So far this has been on of the longest lasting balls for our dog. Definitely a keeper.

  2. Morgan McKay

    My puppy goes crazy for this ball. We usually play fetch after work when the park is much less crowded, and I use a small high power led flashlight to recharge the ball when it gets dim.

  3. N Hudspeth

    My GSD LOVES this ball! It’s in her mouth at all times. Takes a long time before it actually splits, and is very durable. Highly recommend!

  4. Janet P

    The perfect toy for a strong chewer. The only toy my Boston Terrier didn’t destroy was a Kong. But they leave black marks on the wall when thrown inside. We’ve had this ball for months now and there is no damage from his chewing. No marks on the wall. And it floats so we can use it outside and not have to dive to the bottom of the pool when it goes in. He loves it and plays fetch with it for hours. If you ever decide to discontinue this please let me know so I can stock up in case some get lost.

  5. Anon

    My dog destroys any toy he can sink his teeth in to, (especially tearing the fuzz off tennis balls) but this ball has really held up, after about a week it’s still in tact. He loves it and literally sleeps with the thing. Also it bounces high and glows pretty well.

  6. ChickPaw

    Too bad my GSD keeps losing these. They are the BEST balls ever!!!! Yes. He does lose them in the dark because he runs into the woods to drop them… hahahaha… the trick is on me.

    Added note: my GSD is a real life shark and can destroy ANYTHING including huge bones, rock-hard antlers and every other ball that exists. But not THIS ONE!!! He chomps in it continuously (its his all-time favorite anything in the world) and has yet to destroy one.

  7. CA or BUST

    What a cool product. Playing fetch at night is really fun now! Our puppy plays with this ball himself when we’re not throwing it, so it’s a hit.

  8. SmileFreshman

    My dogs favorite toy! She’s very destructive, but this ball has remained intact for months.

  9. Olive888

    It’s not bright enough in night.

  10. Cynthia

    Our dog loved playing with it. Having the glow was great for after dark play.

  11. InlandNWSpokane

    These work well with the Medium Chuckit launcher I have. I can’t play with them in my yard because it’s dirt and they bounce too much and my dog didn’t like the whistle sound but they work really well at the park across the street, in the grass. They also hold the glow really well unlike others I’ve tried.

  12. DB

    My dog loves to fetch and chew on this ball. She is a Doberman and the large is a perfect size for her. I buy a new one every 6 months or so because they get sticky and flaky after being out in the sun for several months.

  13. Linar mom

    This is our dog’s favorite ball but it does eventually fall apart but like with all toys, dogs should be supervised. It’s nice that it glows brightly in the evening especially with the irrelevant time change.

  14. Angela M

    We love the Chuckit balls. We have a smaller size dog, and really appreciate that different sizes of balls are available, as well as their long term durability. These glow balls are awesome in the winter when days are short. Even if they haven’t been put out in the sun, you can “charge” them with a flashlight or even by putting them under a lamp in the house for a little bit – and they keep the glow very nicely, definitely long enough to tire out our pup. I highly recommend these, money well spent.

  15. Pen Man

    Our little bug loves his glow in the dark ball. We charge it up at night by shining a bright LED flashlight into it and then make him chase it. It’s so funny when he grabs it it looks like his mouth is lit up. Great quality too as it’s taken a beating and still looks good.

  16. RSF

    My dog: Labrador Retriever. This is a great ball for your dog at night. A few things to consider to get the most out of it: 1) It needs to charge from a bright light source. The closer the better. 2) I found about 15 minutes near a bright lamp, and I get about 10 minutes of throw time where you can still see the ball pretty well. 3) If you have a super bright LED flashlight, you can fast recharge the ball very quickly outside. Interesting to note that the ball howls/whistles through the air, dog loved it.

  17. ABBIE

    Our dog LOVES this ball. She will chase it around the back yard for hours which is great now that it gets dark so early (gotta love winter in the midwest)!

  18. jesse

    i have a dog that cant see well, and he loves this ball. have to take it at night so he wont eat it lol. very bright light.

  19. Scooter

    My dog has had a lot of balls in her mouth, and this is by far her favorite! I’ve had to buy a few so we have have some inside and some outside. She won’t play with anything else. The glow is bright and lasts a long time, and the ball is virtually indestructible.

  20. Zach

    This ball has a great glow. My results may be superior because I shined a spot light on it for a while for my first try, a great idea to make it really GLOW! It’s a great green color when glowing bright. I can’t wait for night time tonight to play outside. My dog will have so much fun chasing a bright green ball at night. Such a good idea! They should make other glow in the dark products.

  21. NJ9755

    This ball is so much fun! Even after dark we can go outside to play fetch and let my dog get some needed exercise. My dog wears a lighted collar at night, now with the glow ball, I can see both she and the ball.

  22. ANON

    This is the only ball worth buying. If my German Shepherd gets the slightest whiff of one of her glow balls, she goes crazy. I have purchased at least 20 of these over the past year. We lose them in yards, bushes, trees, couch, just keep getting them. The best way I’ve found to charge the balls and keep them lit for as long and bright as possible, is by using a UV or Black Light Flashlight. Usually you can get them at your local hardwarer store for about $10 – $15. Hold the light on the ball while spinning it so it gets light evenly, for about 30 seconds. Insterested to know if anyone has a better way, you have to charge them about every 2 minutes.
    Only negative about these balls, and its understandable, is that you cant see them at all in the daytime on grass. If you go to the park and play on grass in daytime, you spend the whole time looking for the ball. Overall, incredible product.

  23. mattjonez

    My dog absolutely loves this ball. He is a Border Collie and is ball crazy. So when the sun goes down, and it no longer is possible to play with a conventional tennis ball, he used to have to come inside and be sad. Now, on pleasant nights, we can use our car headlights or high-powered LED flash light to charge this thing up in 1-2 minutes to make it SUPER BRIGHT. And it really does glow. My dog has no problem finding it, and I have no problem seeing him in the dark. Great way to extend play time into the night! My dog doesn’t chew on the ball, so I can’t speak to it’s durability as a chew toy, but it stands up well to multiple games of fetch, and can be washed, which is more difficult with a tennis ball.

  24. Starfish

    Perfect for playing Fetch at night

  25. Colleen M

    My lab wants to play all the time including in the dark. this ball allows us to play anytime of day without fear of losing the ball.

  26. LNM

    My dog has a major obsession for the small ChuckIt ball… We love that he can’t destruct it, he loves that it bounces great & glows in dark.

  27. KM

    Good price, good delivery, very durable product and most importantly, my dog loves it. Can use it outdoors at night after holding the ball for a minute under a bright light.

  28. Brianna

    My dog LOVED these balls, but they were super easy to tear up. She ripped them up the first day she had them. Wish we’d bought a tougher material ball.

  29. Bobby

    love these balls they glow very bright and makes it so easy for the dog to find them in the dark. i charge them every throw with a mag light but you could get away with charging them every five throws most likely. Also i just ordered a mini black light to charge them up faster. The only downside that i can think of is they go missing very easy due to the coloring.

  30. ANON

    Received the balls quick and exactly as described. Thank you!

  31. Jamie D

    My dog loves his Chuck It balls, but in the wintertime his games of fetch get put on hold because the balls get lost in the snow too easily. It was a breakthrough when I realized that we could use the glow-in-the-dark ball. Sure, nighttime is even chillier in the winter, but we put up for it because we love our dog, right? If this one bounces into the snow, it’s easy to find because of the glow. Hooray! It’s great the rest of the year too, but giving the dog some much needed winter chuck-it time was the true bonus.

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